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We are looking for a nice tract of land to build the camp here in Michigan.

Our current need is for 100+ acres of land for building the youth camp here in Michigan. We are looking for a tract that is well suited for building and accommodating the activities we plan for the camp.


For those of you who are considering helping us soon, would you please assist us with the following request: If enough people would each give just $1.00, we could buy the land we need here in Michigan. Would you please be one of the people to give $1.00 or more, and tell others to be part of this project so we can go forward?


We would like to purchase the land as soon as possible.


All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Purchases will be priced at fair market value.  Mail your gift to the address listed below.


Any amount of money that you would like to donate to fund the purchase of land would-be deeply appreciated.  Please make your checks out to I.D.H.J.-MI/IDRAHAJE Youth Camp and send it to the address below.  Gifts of any size are tax-deductible. 


Use your imagination to help give financially, and help us bring this camp to reality.


Many of our services and camp segments will be available for rent to individuals and organizations whenever the camp would not have other events scheduled.


Pray to God for that miracle. 


With your help we could see this ministry vision happen, to help us save America's young people and their families.  If you have any questions, please call me at 517-242-6515 or 989-895-5773 and leave a message.


Thank you and God bless you.


AI Stark


P.O Box 255
Bay City, MI 48707

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