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Black Rifle Coffee Company





Black Rifle Coffee Company is a premium, small-batch, roast-to-order, veteran-owned coffee company. At BRCC, we import our high-quality coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil, then we personally blend and roast every one of our kick-ass coffees and ship them directly to you. We develop our explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus we learned as military members serving this great country. All BRCC blends are available in whole-bean and ground varieties. We also have many roasts for purchase in single-serve "coffee rounds." 

The best way to enjoy our freedom-filled coffee is with the Black Rifle Coffee Club. You choose the amount and blends you crave, we offer it to you at a special discounted price, shipped directly to your home every month. This added convenience allows you to keep working hard, making America the land of the free and home of the brave.

Blue Lives Matter



Home of the official Blue Lives Matter organization. America's largest law enforcement support community.



      Blue Lives Matter is a media company, founded and run entirely by active, former, and retired law enforcement officers and their families.

      Due to the nature of the profession, law enforcement personnel are seen as easy targets and are consequently bullied by slander, illegitimate complaints, frivolous lawsuits, and physical attacks.

   Unjust attacks from the new media, celebrities, and politicians have damaged community relations and endangered the lives and safety of law enforcement officers.

     We are supported by Americans who believe in law and order and want to provide a counterbalance to the dangerous false narratives being propagated about law enforcement.

      Our mission to support law enforcement is accomplished through our supporters, the world's largest community of Americans who support law enforcement.



    The mission of Blue Lives Matter is to support American police officers and improve community relations by educating the public about law enforcement, shedding light on injustice, encouraging respectful discussion, and exposing unethical practices and false information in the news media.


Core Values

The core values of Blue Lives Matter inspire us as we accomplish our mission, and can be seen in the content we provide.

Equality - All people are created equal, no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, disability, skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. Blue Lives are made up of all lives - Law enforcement officers come from all manner of backgrounds and beliefs and they all deserve our respect.

Justice - The world is full of injustice and we will ensure that it is brought to light.

Honesty/Accuracy - We strive to make our content honest and accurate so that people can be exposed to the truth.

Civil Rights - Thanks to the Constitution, all people within the United State of America are afforded civil rights by which much be acknowledged and respected.


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Masterbuilt Manufacturing, Inc.

      John McLemore is the owner and President/CEO of Masterbuilt Manufacturing, Inc. Masterbuilt manufactures indoor and outdoor cooking products, meat processing, and automotive aftermarket accessories.


      John’s passion for product sales began at the ripe old age of 8. He would load up his Red Ryder wagon with the plant stands his father made and cart them around the neighborhood, selling his wares door-to-door. This passion has carried through his entire life. Once he turned 16 and was able to drive, he took on a more formal role in sales with his father’s company. His first truck took over for the red wagon and his neighborhood route expanded throughout the southeast. When he was 19, John and his brother Don became part-owners with their father. John built a sales force for the company and expanded the brand nationwide. In 1998, John and Don became co-owners of Masterbuilt. Since then, the brand has gone worldwide and they have established a reputation as an innovator in the cooking products industry. In 2012, Don retired and John become the sole owner of Masterbuilt.

      As a leader in the industry, John is not afraid to take risks and keeps pushing himself harder. With faith in God and a lot of hard work, he continues to face challenges without fear. He has traveled the world over and learned a lot of lessons about life, and food, along the way. Everywhere he goes, he has requests for recipes, tips, and secrets for his meals. Always a solution-maker, he knew it was time to share his family story and recipes in a cookbook. “DADGUM That’s Good!” is much more than just a Southern phrase and the title of his cookbook, it’s the summation of a life’s work in creating delicious food with world-class cooking products. "DADGUM That's Good!" was a bestseller with over 135,000 copies sold! The sequel, "DADGUM That's Good, Too!", released in the Fall of 2012, offers 135 smoked, grilled, and fried recipes.


      John is a pilot, little league coach, fun-loving storyteller, and a practical joker. He is a CEO with a heart and is energized by the success of others. Of all his adventures, the most exciting has been his marriage to Tonya. They have three children; Brooke, John, and Bailey. They are an active family and love to spend time outdoors – softball, tennis, water sports, 4-wheeling.

John’s life is a true American success story, ripe with blessings and challenges. Through a serious on-the-job injury at age 13, two fires at Masterbuilt, and many other blips along the way, he always takes on life with a positive outlook and an assurance of his purpose.

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