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All The Trivia


All The Trivia

Free online trivia games for kids and adults!

     Welcome to our website All The Trivia!  We’re still in the process of building all the quizzes that will eventually be placed on this site. However, our plan is to provide free trivia quizzes on a multitude of subjects. Do you have an idea for a specialized trivia quiz?  Make sure to tell us via our contact form!

This site provides a variety of trivia games for kids and adults. Topics covered include the Christian Bible, history, geography, Harry Potter, Disney films, history, science, 

      The website also offers themed quizzes such as those based on movies and music artists. Quizzes are currently only available in English but in the future, we may be adding Spanish versions. Other sports trivia quizzes online include those about baseball, football, hockey, golf, and the Olympics.

     These free online trivia games will continue to grow and there will be more and more categories to choose from. As we grow you’ll be able to choose from fun trivia questions on subject matters or themes such as presidents or the band Pink Floyd. When you finish a game you’ll be able to see the trivia questions and answers where you can print out trivia quiz sheets to play offline with friends at home or in the classroom.

There are also trivia games for kids and people of all stripes, we even include some fun and educational Bible trivia; Kids Bible Trivia, Old Testament Bible Trivia, and New Testament Bible Trivia. We aim to provide fun, family-friendly content that is appropriate for all ages and learning levels.

About Us

     Here at All The Trivia, we are building out the best, the most comprehensive, and the ultimate repository for trivia quizzes.  We are in the process of putting together dozens of quiz categories covering the Christian Bible, Harry Potter, History, Disney, Science, Music, and many others.  We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have a specific subject about which you’d like us to make a quiz.  Make sure to check back frequently to take all the new quizzes we’ve added!

     This site is owned and operated by PB International, a company focused on online entertainment.  This site is for entertainment purposes only.  Please read our full disclaimer here.

This website is provided by PB International, a global entertainment company.

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