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     Reload Founder Stephen Gutowski has been writing about guns and politics since he

founded his first publication back in 2009. In addition to his work with The Reload, he is an analyst for CNN.

     Before starting The Reload in 2021, Gutowski spent almost 7 years as a staff writer at The Washington Free Beacon. His work has also been published by The Atlantic, The Dispatch, National Review, Ammoland, and The Washington Examiner Magazine. His reporting has been featured in publications that span the ideological spectrum including CNBC, Fox News, The New York Times, Bearing Arms, The Washington Post, NPR, The Drudge Report, ABC News, and many more.

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The Reload


About The Reload

     The Reload is an independent, subscriber-supported publication founded by award-winning journalist Stephen Gutowski. It is dedicated to accurately reporting the details and nuances of big gun stories. It sheds light on under-reported aspects of gun ownership in America. It informs instead of misleads or enrages.

     It focuses on sober, serious reporting on–as well as analysis of–firearms policy and politics to accomplish those goals. No hot takes. No screaming. No manipulating. Just reporting.

     The Reload aims to be the best place to find fair and discerning reporting on firearms and how they intersect with politics. By applying rigorous journalistic standards and speaking to both experts and advocates from all sides of the gun debate, we hope to produce accurate and compelling reporting. In order to remain independent, The Reload will not take any kind of payment from anyone looking for favorable coverage or who seeks to otherwise manipulate our reporting.

     No secret deals for positive posts. No shady arrangements. We will strive to avoid even the appearance of impropriety at all times.

     Most of our coverage is and will always remain free in order to fulfill our mission of better informing the public about firearms, how they work, who owns them, and why. But keeping an independent publication afloat does cost a lot of money. The Reload relies on its paid members to make the in-depth coverage and on-the-ground reporting we provide possible.

     If you believe in what The Reload is doing and want to help it not just survive but thrive, you should become a paid member. In addition to supporting the site, you’ll get an extra members-only newsletter each week as well as access to exclusive posts, commenting privileges, and special Q&A sessions.


About Reload Founder Stephen Gutowski










     Reload Founder Stephen Gutowski has been writing about guns and politics since he founded his first publication back in 2009. In addition to his work with The Reload, he is an analyst for CNN.

Before starting The Reload in 2021, Gutowski spent almost 7 years as a staff writer at The Washington Free Beacon. His work has also been published by The Atlantic, The Dispatch, National Review, Ammoland, and The Washington Examiner Magazine. His reporting has been featured in publications that span the ideological spectrum including CNBC, Fox News, The New York Times, Bearing Arms, The Washington Post, NPR, The Drudge Report, ABC News, and many more.

     Stephen Gutowski was the only journalist to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine’s Guns in America edition. You can listen to him explain the motivations for pursuing gun politics and policy as a beat that eventually lead him to found The Reload in the interview with Time Magazine posted below.

     Stephen Gutowski regularly appears on national television and radio to discuss his reporting and give his analysis of the latest gun news. He has appeared on a wide range of outlets including CNBC, Fox News, NPR, Voice of America, WMAL, and C-SPAN. He also gives speeches at conferences and on-campus at schools including The University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University.

     Stephen Gutowski has won multiple awards for his reporting over the past several years. His work on the show Range Time With Stephen Gutowski received two Telly Awards alongside offerings from publications like CBS News and The Wall Street Journal. He was named Journalist of the Year by the Second Amendment Foundation in 2016 and most recently received the 2020 Bill of Rights Award from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

     Stephen Gutowski is also an avid sport shooter and certified firearms-safety instructor. He has a small collection of firearms and a concealed-carry permit. He enjoys building AR-15s and shooting sporting clays in his spare time.

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
Clint Eastwood

Duncans Outdoor Shop 01.jpg

Duncan’s Outdoor Shop



Duncan’s Outdoor Shop has 60 plus years in the firearm industry. Because of the relationship we have made over these years we have access to suppliers many others do not.

We believe seeing and handling is the best way to find the firearm that fits you. We display all our guns in custom glass cases or wall-mounted long gun racks so you can shop by looking first. When you are ready one of our sales team will be there to show you and teach you all about the gun or guns you are interested in.

We encourage our customers to pick every gun by how well it fits the customer. Our staff is made up of competitive shooters and hunters and firearm experts. We will take the time with you to make sure that the gun you choose fits you and your purpose for wanting it.

Duncan’s membership to an exclusive firearm buying group allows us to get in newest models in as soon as they are available. This also allows us to carry pistols, revolvers, shot-guns, and rifles from all the major manufactures. But don’t worry if you cannot find what you're looking for from the hundreds of firearms on our shelves. We would be happy to research through our distributors what is available and the price.

Shop our online store for many available firearms currently on the shelf and any we can get through our distributors.


Used Firearms Purchases and Consignments

Have a firearm you are looking at selling, let us help you.


We have two ways to assist in this.

1. Sell to us directly: Duncan’s will purchase your used firearm. We will research the value of the gun based on make and model, condition of the gun, and the current average price that particular firearm is selling for used. For this service, all HANDGUNS MUST have a copy of the pistols sales record for when the seller purchased the handgun. Without this, we cannot buy or sell your firearm.

2. Sell by consignment: If you want, we can list your firearm on our web store and put it on our store shelf to sell for you. There is no guarantee of selling this way, and once it sells Duncan’s charge’s a straight 20 percent of the selling price for this service. We ask that the firearm stays with us for a minimum of 30 days.

No matter which way you choose there will be appropriate federal paperwork that is required to be filled out before we sell or purchase your firearm.



We offer an annual range membership for people who shoot often.

$280/year for the first member: $140/year for the second member of the same family.

Your membership allows you:

One hour a day on the pistol range, and includes 2 targets. This is available any day that the shop is open with a few exceptions for special events like manufacturers' open house. Exception days will be posted on our website.


One-half hour a day on the rifle range. This is available from January thru September. October thru December is very busy with hunter sight-in.

Regular range rates apply during excluded times.



In addition to Firearms, Classes, and Our Shooting Ranges, we offer a full range of guns and most shooting accessories.

From cleaning kits and holsters to large safes and lockboxes. We do our best to provide a wide selection of products that interest the avid shooter. Here is a small list of items we carry on a regular basis:

• Ammunition

• Pistol Magazines

• Scopes, Optics and Sights

• DNR Licenses and Tags

• Holsters and Rifle Cases

• Cleaning Supplies


And much more!

Copyright © 2021

Henry Rifle.jpg

Henry Rifles



From Owner, Anthony Imperato -

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato


Henry History

      In every field of human endeavor, there is a select group of individuals who are given credit for making such major contributions that they become synonymous with their achievements. In the area of firearms development, one name that must be included on that honored roster is Benjamin Tyler Henry. His invention: The Henry Rifle.

It was Mr. Henry who conceived the first practical, lever-action repeating rifle patented in 1860. The Henry gave a single man the firepower of a dozen marksmen armed with muzzle-loading muskets.

      America was engulfed in the searing flames of the Civil War, and the first Henry rifles were in the hands of Union soldiers by mid-1862. Due to its revolutionary design and rapid rate of fire, the Henry quickly found popularity both with the military and civilian purchasers. Early sales were especially brisk in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana.

    With its reliable .44 caliber rimfire metallic cartridge, the Henry produced a rapid and highly accurate fire. Reports of the successful use of Henry rifles in the Civil War were numerous. The incredible firepower unleashed by the Henry is evident in Major William Ludlow’s account of the Battle of Allatoona Pass. “What saved us that day was the fact that we had a number of Henry rifles” wrote Major Ludlow. “This company of 16 shooters sprang to the parapet and poured out such a multiplied, rapid and deadly fire, that no men could stand in front of it and no serious effort was made thereafter to take the fort by assault.”

      After an encounter with the 7th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, which had the good fortune to be armed with Henrys, one Confederate officer is credited with the phrase, “It’s a rifle that you could load on Sunday and shoot all week long.”

      The Henry rifle would go on to play a significant, if not dominant role in the frontier days of the American West. It would soon become one of the most legendary, respected and sought after rifles in the history of firearms. A contemporary rifle collection isn’t complete without one.


Henry Today


      Henry Repeating Arms is the leading lever action manufacturer and one of the top-five long gun manufacturers in the USA. Our goal is to manufacture a line of classic, well-crafted firearms that every enthusiast can afford. The passion, expertise, and dedication of our employees embody the company’s motto, which is “Made in America Or Not Made At All”. Rest assured, when you read the roll-mark on the barrel of a Henry it’s going to say “Made in the USA.”



Henry Repeating Arms employs over 550 people and operates two manufacturing facilities totaling more than 250,000 square feet. The company headquarters is located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and a second manufacturing facility is located in Bayonne, New Jersey. Louis Imperato served as Chairman of the company from its start in 1996 until his passing in November of 2007. Anthony Imperato currently serves as the CEO and Founder, and Andy Wickstrom is the company President.



Henry Repeating Arms was started by Louis Imperato and his son Anthony Imperato in Brooklyn, New York in 1996. The first model produced was the Henry H001 Classic Lever Action .22 and the first shipments were made in March 1997. The original corporate motto was “Made in America and Priced Right”. Henry Repeating Arms takes its name from Benjamin Tyler Henry, the inventor who patented the first repeating rifle in 1860, known as the Henry rifle. There is no affiliation or lineage to Benjamin Tyler Henry or to the New Haven Arms Company, who sold the original Henry rifle from 1862 to 1864. Anthony Imperato secured the trademark to the Henry name in 1996.



Henry Repeating Arms manufactures rifles and shotguns. The company produces a broad range of lever-action rifles in both rimfire and centerfire calibers, in a variety of finishes, including alloy, steel, hardened brass, hardened silver, color case hardened, and All-Weather. The company’s signature model is the Henry Golden Boy, a rimfire lever-action whose moniker is “the gun that brings out the West in you”. The company has sold over one million of their model H001 Classic Lever Action .22 rifle, which has become a staple of the firearms industry. The company donated serial number 1 million which was auctioned and raised over $50,000. The Henry Big Boy is a centerfire lever action that is ideal for brush hunting, home defense and cowboy action shooting. The Henry Long Ranger is a centerfire lever action that delivers bolt action distance and precision for big game hunts. The company resurrected the original Henry rifle and today it is offered in calibers .44-40 and .45 Colt in a variety of finishes. The Henry Lever Action .410 bore is the only lever-action shotgun on the market. The Henry US Survival AR-7 is an updated version of the U.S. Air Force AR-7, a take-down .22 that is ideal for all outdoorsmen. All of the rifle's components fit into the buttstock. The Henry Mini Bolt is the ideal beginners’ rifle, a stainless steel single shot .22 that is the official youth rifle of the USA Shooting Team. Henry Repeating Arms is the official firearms licensee of the Boy Scouts of America, and several Henry Boy Scout editions are available. The company has a line of tribute rifles, honoring many deserving constituencies including those serving in the military, 1st responders, and the American Farmer. The Henry Corporate Editions program offers companies the opportunity to place their logo on a Henry rifle for employee retirements, dealer rewards, and corporate milestones. The Henry Single Shot Shotgun is available in hardened brass or steel in 12, 20, and 410 gauges. The Henry Single Shot rifle is also available in hardened brass or steel in over 10 centerfire calibers.

© 2021 Henry RAC Holding Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Guns_com 01_edited.jpg





      Welcome to Guns.com! We entered the scene in 2011 to build a place where gun lovers and enthusiasts could come for news, product reviews, and the most up-to-date info on issues that impact them. The community we’ve built has attracted gun owners of all kinds. From protectors to outdoor enthusiasts, to sport and social shooters, we all have one thing in common – we take pride in defending what we care about most.

     Over the years, we talked with thousands of gun shop owners, manufacturers, and organizations, and quickly realized that the online gun buying process as it was, was one for the birds. It required way too much legwork and was slow and confusing. That’s when we decided it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

     In addition to being your authority for 2A news and reviews, we've evolved into an online marketplace. We disrupted the firearms industry by creating the easiest, most innovative buying experience there is. Simply put, we created the easiest place to buy guns online.

      Don’t take our word for it though, have a look for yourself.



      Guns.com is the easiest place to buy firearms online, period. We’ve poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into simplifying an overly complicated process. We offer thousands of products at a great price.

      We'll even chase down all the paperwork for you, so you can spend less time being annoyed by the pains of gun buying and more time out shooting.



      Guns.com has a shop-local mindset which means we put gun store owners first.

      We work closely with a network of FFL's around the country to ensure a safe and secure transaction that prioritizes their own local inventory, supporting our nation’s gun stores and your local community.



Our team of Rangemasters is bringing something back to buying guns that has been missing for too long – real service. 

      Buying from us means something more than just getting a gun. It means getting a promise that we’ll be here to help, no matter what the issue.

      Our team is made up of lifelong gun enthusiasts and experts who understand the buying process, the guns we sell, and the responsibility of being a gun owner.



      While we offer the easiest online gun buying experience, we're also proud of our own collections and think all guns should be accepted for who they are! Our staff is made up of gun owners and enthusiasts rooted all around the country who have years of experience with firearms. We are hunters, range rats, tactical experts, concealed carriers, and more.

      We've worked hard to bring you this online community and are always looking for ways to improve. If there’s something we can do better, be sure to let us know at service@guns.com.


The Guns.com Promise

      As the authority in the industry when it comes to 2A news and reviews, we also pride ourselves on being the best and easiest place to buy guns online. With a shop-local mindset and real service from real people, when you purchase from Guns.com you can be confident that we’ll be there to help - every step of the way.


©2021 Guns.com. All Rights Reserved





"If it is to be, it's up to me..."

“The USCCA was born more than 20 years ago when I became a father for the first time. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was worth it. Along the way, I had my Dad’s words of wisdom, a little bit of eagerness, and a whole lot of resilience on my side. Now you can uncover the whole behind-the-scenes — and sometimes hard to swallow — truth of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association…”


Tim Schmidt

President & Founder


Helping Responsible Americans Keep Their Families Safe

If you’re like us and want to keep your loved ones safe and avoid danger, and you believe in your right to self-defense, the USCCA is for you. The USCCA offers the three things to help you on your journey to confidence and preparedness:


Lifesaving Education

Access industry-leading education that’ll prepare you to know exactly what to do if something crazy happens, whether in public or in your very own home. Develop situational awareness skills, sharpen your defensive mindset, build a home defense plan and easily break down the laws that apply to you.


Industry-Leading Training

With expert-led training you can easily access at home, or apply to live-fire drills on the range, you’ll be able to build a foundation for success and be ready when it counts most. USCCA Members are trained to first rely on non-lethal de-escalation tactics and to only use their gun as an absolute last resort.


Self-Defense Liability Insurance*

The USCCA helps responsible Americans like you prepare for what happens before, during, and after an act of lawful self-defense. In addition to offering education and training, the USCCA has purchased an insurance policy that provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance.


100% American-Based

Delta Defense, LLC, the operating company of the USCCA, is headquartered in West Bend, WI. and employs more than 450 fellow USCCA Members. We strive to make your USCCA Membership seamless and effortless by providing a primarily digital experience, allowing you instant online access to your training tools and resources.


Proud to be 100% based in the USA. © 2003-2021 Delta Defense, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Sturm, Ruger & Company

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., better known by the shortened name Ruger, is an American firearm manufacturing company based in Southport, Connecticut, with production facilities also in Newport, New Hampshire, Mayodan, North Carolina, and Prescott, Arizona. The company was founded in 1949 by Alexander McCormick Sturm and William B. Ruger, and it has been publicly traded since 1969.


Ruger produces bolt-action, semi-automatic, and single-shot rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic pistols, and single- and double-action revolvers. According to the ATF statistics for 2015, Ruger is currently America's largest firearm manufacturer, as well as the second-largest pistol and revolver manufacturer (behind Smith & Wesson) and rifle manufacturer (behind Remington) in the United States.



      Sturm, Ruger & Company was founded by William B. Ruger and Alexander McCormick Sturm in 1949 in a small rented machine shop in Southport, Connecticut.

      Just prior to their partnership, Bill Ruger had successfully duplicated two Japanese "baby" Nambu pistols in his garage, from a captured Nambu that he acquired from a returning Marine, at the close of World War II. When it came to designing their first semi-auto pistol, Ruger decided to incorporate the looks of the German 9mm Luger and the American Colt Woodsman into their first commercially produced .22 caliber pistol (see Ruger Standard), which became so successful that it launched the entire company.


      Ruger is a dominant manufacturer in the .22 LR rimfire rifle market in the U.S., due primarily to the sales of its Ruger 10/22 semiautomatic rifle. The 10/22 is very popular due to its reputation for being relatively inexpensive and of high quality. As a result, a wealth of after-market accessories and parts were made available for it, which has further increased its popularity. The availability and variety of after-market parts make it possible to build a 10/22 using only these parts; most of which are marketed to target shooters and hunters.

      Ruger similarly dominates the .22 rimfire semi-automatic pistol market with the Ruger MK II and Ruger MK III, descendants of the Ruger Standard pistol. Like the 10/22, the MkII is supported with a wide variety of after-market accessories. The 22/45 is similar to the Ruger Standard family of pistols but features a different grip angle, that of the Colt 1911 (as opposed to that of a Luger utilized in the Ruger Standard).

      Ruger is also renowned for the production of high-quality revolvers, such as the GP100 and Redhawk lines. They also have some presence in the semi-auto pistol market, with the SR1911 and SR lines of handguns.

      Ruger Casting has plants in Newport, New Hampshire, and Prescott, Arizona, making ferrous, ductile iron and commercial titanium castings. Ruger Golf makes steel and titanium castings for golf clubs made by a number of different brands.

      Sturm, Ruger stock has been publicly traded since 1969 and became a New York Stock Exchange company in 1990 (NYSE:RGR). After Alex Sturm’s death in 1951, William B. Ruger continued to direct the company until his death in 2002.

      From 1949 through 2004, Ruger manufactured over 20 million firearms. The company is headquartered in Southport, Connecticut, and maintains manufacturing facilities in Newport, New Hampshire, Prescott, Arizona, and Mayodan, North Carolina. Ruger's subsidiaries are Ruger Precision Metals LLC in Earth City, Missouri, Pine Tree Castings in Newport, New Hampshire, and Ruger Sportswear & Accessories in Mayodan, North Carolina.

      In September 2020, the company bought the Marlin Firearms company from bankrupt Remington Outdoor Company.


Of the total 2,288 makers of civilian firearms operating in the United States from 1986 to 2010, Ruger led the industry with 15.3 million firearms produced within the period. Ruger was ranked the number one U.S. firearms manufacturer from 2008 to 2011. In 2011, Ruger manufactured 1,114,687 firearms, as their promotion, the "Million Gun Challenge to Benefit the NRA", played a significant role in the company maintaining its top U.S. manufacturer status. The company has set a new goal of 2 million firearms produced per year. From 2009 to 2012, Ruger was the top seller of handguns.

Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Minuteman Review.png

Minuteman Review


Our Mission

The Minuteman Review is dedicated to supporting the 2nd Amendment and promoting firearms safety and education. We strive to provide every gun owner—and prospective gun owner—the information they need to get the firearms and gear that are most relevant to their needs and use those tools safely and efficiently.


Why We Do It

We believe that firearm ownership and self-defense are essential human rights. We also believe that these rights must be exercised responsibly.

Being informed is a cornerstone of responsible gun ownership and use. We started the Minuteman Review because there was no comprehensive online resource where gun owners, hunters, and survivalists could get impartial education about guns, bows, and gear.

We also realize that everyone has hurdles to overcome in getting the equipment they need to best defend themselves and their loved ones.

People were basically shooting in the dark when it came to researching guns, bows, and equipment. And most resources for finding the best prices were undependable.

So, we started the Minuteman Review to give firearms owners of all types a reliable stock of information to inform their buying and training decisions and help people overcome economic barriers to self-defense and shooting sports.


What We Do

We’ve built a team of the most qualified writers and researchers to give you articles, guides, and reviews based on the most up-to-date information, and find the best prices on all the products we cover.

This gives Minuteman Review readers a home base for researching new purchases and learning the best ways to use them. We’ve created that dependable and comprehensive resource for defensive firearms owners, hunters, archers, survivalists, and anyone else to get the best education—and the best prices—on everything in shooting sports.

Our Resources

Articles: Up-to-date information about recent news and events related to the 2nd Amendment, firearms ownership and use, and anything else in the world of shooting sports. We also supply a comprehensive list of news resources, so you can be the most informed person in the room.

Guides: How-to posts that help you get the right equipment, and use it safely and responsibly. We cover everything from choosing the right piece of kit to how to behave with your gun in public.

Reviews: Thorough, unbiased examinations of guns, bows, knives, optics, and accessories to help you decide what’s best for you. We give you all the details you need to choose your gear and a place to get it affordably. 





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