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ADF Church Alliance



About Us

Who we are:

      ADF Church Alliance is a legal membership for churches, launched by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Alliance Defending Freedom is the largest religious freedom legal organization in the world. In addition to advocating for religious freedom, we advocate for the sanctity of life, free speech, and marriage and family.

      We desire each expression of the Church to be all it is called to be. Our team is comprised of Christians, and ADF is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.

What is ADF Church Alliance?

      The ADF Church Alliance provides affordable legal assistance to churches of all sizes and denominations so they can freely live and preach the Gospel in their communities.

      Through this membership program, we advocate for religious liberty, provide legal advice, offer valuable resources to churches to ensure proper religious liberty protections are in place, and when appropriate, litigate on behalf of churches to preserve and defend religious liberty.

How we serve:

      We provide practical help to churches across the country through our legal membership. ADF Church Alliance acts as a hub for churches to gain access to experienced First Amendment lawyers. Our lawyers are available to answer religious liberty questions, conduct document reviews and provide advice, and even represent your church in court if necessary and appropriate.

      ADF Church Alliance offers virtually all-inclusive legal help for religious freedom issues.

Why do we exist?

      The Church is the tool by which God desires the Gospel to go to the ends of the earth. We work so that the rights of churches – to freely operate, preach, and minister – are not infringed.

      Quite simply, ADF Church Alliance exists to keep the doors open for the Gospel.


Our History

       Since our founding in 1994, ADF has been a steady advocate for religious freedom. We represent individuals, churches, and organizations that seek to freely live out their faith.

      After serving the Church for more than two decades, ADF saw a trend emerging. Churches faced increasing legal concerns but did not have access to attorneys who could help with the wide range of religious freedom questions and issues they had. Churches rarely had the resources – both legally and financially – to adequately protect their religious freedom.

      We launched ADF Church Alliance to create a sustainable way to help every church with its religious freedom legal needs. This membership initiative makes it possible for churches of all sizes and denominations to access affordable legal help.

      Alliance Defending Freedom was founded by 30 Christian leaders who recognized the need for a legal response to religious freedom threats. In today’s culture, the need to protect religious freedom is greater than ever before. We are so grateful that, through ADF Church Alliance, churches are standing together to protect the Church for this and future generations. When we stand together, freedom is protected, churches are empowered, and more people hear the Good News.


Our Partners

      ADF Church Alliance partners with organizations, denominations, associations, and others to benefit churches across the country.


View our Partners


Our Purpose: To Serve The Church

We Stand With You

      When talking about religious freedom, many people envision Christians in foreign countries being persecuted for sharing their beliefs or having to worship in secret. But religious freedom goes beyond being able to preach freely or pray in public, and religious freedom isn’t just an issue abroad. Individuals and churches in America face religious freedom legal challenges all too frequently.

      Many of the religious freedom challenges churches face relate to operational aspects of the church: getting equal access to government grants or property, navigating zoning laws and permits, considering the impact of gender identity laws, abiding by employment regulations, knowing the limits of tax exemptions, and more.

      Churches should have the freedom to operate in accordance with their beliefs, without facing discrimination from local, state, or federal governments. And they do not have to face legal challenges alone. ADF Church Alliance takes on the legal burden of your church, so that you can focus on ministry.


Alliance Defending Freedom™ 2023.

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